Javier "Taco" Chavarria



Javier was born and raised in Illinois. His passion for Art developed at the age of 6 yrs old. When he discovered Graffiti he instantly became amazed with the colors and the ability of drawing whatever came to his mind. As his skill grew in complexity so did his ambitions to tagging up walls and buildings, that unfortunately got him into some trouble with the law. As he got older he started focusing more in his artwork and the interest of becoming a Tattoo Artist. He later moved down to Texas with hopes that he would land a job as a Tattoo Artist. After working at a Tattoo shop for several months he still felt like he hadn't found a good place that he could call home. That was until he got hired at CELEBRITY INK SA. I definitely feel at home and I see my skill growing every single day. I strive to give all my clients the best Tattoo.

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