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Best tattoo shops near me

What are the best tattoo shops near me?
To find tattoo shops near me, you must know and prioritize what key elements you are looking for in a perfect studio. Next, you need to identify if whether or not it is a good fit for the design or service you are wanting. The desire to find a perfect studio is shared by many constantly searching for “tattoo shops near me”. Browsing through multiple tattoo webpages, galleries, and social media feeds can be extremely overwhelming. People will oftentimes spend hours searching and end up empty-handed at the end because they get burnt out on their search. Tattoo shops near me are a search that will bring up an innumerable amount of studios leaving potential clients with information overload. So why do we all put ourselves through this endless search? The truth of the matter is we want to be 110% sure that the studio and artist we choose fits all of our criteria while also bringing the best to the table in way of design and service. By searching tattoo shops near me we are wanting convenience but without having to compromise quality. Celebrity Ink can offer that to you.

Celebrity Ink: the best tattoo shops near me
From having 20+ years of experience in the tattooing industry, Celebrity Ink understands the overall struggle a potential client has in their search for tattoo shops near me. For this very reason, Celebrity Ink gives extra time for each client to come in for a consultation. This is set up in order to put the client at ease with the studio culture, the artist that will be working on them, the design, and the overall experience. These consultations are 100% FREE of charge and usually result in a better understanding and execution of what the client wants. These consultations also involve design corrections and critiques if needed. We specialize in custom tattoo artwork so the design and the customer's satisfaction truly mean everything to us. Consultations will sometimes get a bit more extensive if the client is looking to do a coverup or event a tattoo removal. Not many tattoo shops near me can offer this much time and energy to their clients. Celebrity Ink, however, knows the best work usually comes down to the minor details.

About Celebrity Ink
Were a Professional and Licensed studio by the State of Texas. Each Artist is Highly trained in cross-contamination and our goal is to give our clients more than they expected. We have two highly skilled and experienced artists, Gabe Vasquez (the owner), and Martin. Both artists were born and raised in San Antonio with over 20 years of experience under their belts. Gabe and Martin both specialize in black and grey wash, color, traditional, abstract, cover-ups, etc.. We also have extended our services to specialize in coverups and tattoo removal! We strive to make each and every customer happy and satisfied with our work.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with us or have any questions or concerns you can contact us at:

11825 Perrin Beitel Rd.
San Antonio, Texas 78217

(210) 257-0934

or through our website at:

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