More about our Tattoo Cover Ups in San Antonio, TX

Enlist Celebrity Ink SA for cover up work


Looking for a tattoo cover up in San Antonio, TX? At Celebrity Ink SA we have performed numerous cover ups and always leave our clients with beautiful new designs. We are a professional and non-judgemental shop with an eye for cover ups. No matter what you have or how old your tattoo is we will create a new custom design that will cover up your unwanted tattoo and replace it with a work of art you will be proud of.

Our meticulous and efficient process will seamlessly turn your tattoo tragedy into your dream tattoo. We will consult with you before we perform your cover up to explain the process and design a concept that you are ecstatic about and that will cover your unwanted work. No tattoo shop will take better care of you and your tattoo cover up in San Antonio, TX than Celebrity Ink SA.

We also have the most equipt team of artists to perform your cover up in San Antonio, TX. We have seen it all when it comes to cover ups, and we are prepared to adapt to your needs to deliver a one of a kind tattoo. We pride ourselves on being versatile and adaptable which is crucial when doing cover up work. We will also instruct you in detail how to treat your cover up to ensure the safety of your skin and the longevity of your tattoo.

Our precise processes combined with our talented artists are just some of the reasons we can help you with your tattoo cover up in San Antonio, TX. You deserve to have a tattoo on your body that you are proud of and don’t mind showing off! To find out more about how we can transform your tattoos visit our website or come on down to our location at 11825 Perrin Beitel Rd. San Antonio, Texas 78217.

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